2021 Reunion

Welcome to WRHS 1970

This is the official site for the Wheat Ridge High School Class of 1970. Here you’ll find information about past and upcoming class reunions plus digital versions of yearbooks and other documents.

We expect to have our 55th anniversary reunion in 2025!

If you are a WRHS 1970 classmate and didn’t hear from us by postcard or email in 2021, please send an email so we can stay in touch.

The Reunion Committee

Sharing Contact Info

Since the 50+1 reunion, numerous people have asked for help in contacting their classmates. To support this and still protect privacy, we plan to build a PDF document containing information provided by classmates who opt-in with their contact info. This document will be sent to all WRHS 1970 classmates for whom we have deliverable email addresses.

If you’d like to opt-in, please send an email to containing one or more of the following fields, whichever you want to share:

  • Postal address
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Brief bio
  • Recent photo

Please respond by December 1, 2021 to be included in the first edition of this directory. The more people there are, the more useful it will be!

50+1 Reunion, 2021

We had three fun events on August 20-21, 2021. Thanks to various classmates, photos are available via the links below. If you have additional pictures from the events, please email to

While preparing for this reunion, we collected the following statistics:

Total classmates: 525
1970 WRHS graduates: 421
Found (postal address): 381
Found (email address): 262
Deceased (confirmed): 41
Classmates attending 2021 events: ~80

Pictures from the 50+1 Reunion, 2021

Clancy’s Bar, August 20, 2021
School Tour, August 21, 2021
Picnic, August 21, 2021

(The group picture in the Picnic album can be zoomed and provides names.)

Pictures from the 40th Reunion, 2010

Friday Bar, August 13, 2010
TraHoins (car club) mini reunion, August 14, 2010
Saturday Dinner, August 14, 2010
School Tour and Picnic, August 15, 2010

1970 Yearbook Pictures

Senior Pics Individuals
Senior Pics Whole Pages
Other Pictures

We have PDFs of some other yearbook-related items:
Agrarian Summer Supplement 1970 (12-page PDF)
Commencement 1970 (4-page PDF)
Agrarian 1969 Summer Supplement (10-page PDF)
Agrarian 1968 Summer Supplement (8-page PDF)
Mustang 1966-1967 Yearbook (46-page PDF)
Mustang 1965-1966 Yearbook (57-page PDF)

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