Reunion Activities Poll

DancingWe’re definitely doing a nice dinner and get-together on Saturday evening August 14, 2010. Would you like to do more? Please vote in the following poll, which will help us finalize plans for the reunion. Select all in which you’d like to participate. Comment if you have other ideas! (You must be logged in to vote.)

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5 thoughts on “Reunion Activities Poll

  1. Kathy B

    Not sure what I’d like to do yet. Gary would love to golf, but then he’d have to bring his clubs (of course)! I’d like a “student-teacher conference” where we could visit with our teachers, if they are still around. The Sunday picnic would be fun. So, I guess I’ll choose the picnic.

  2. RickKorthuis

    I would like a golf outing, but the Friday night event would probably be better. Some folks might go Friday night but not Saturday night. Looking forward to it especially since I only have been able to be at the 30th

  3. Ann

    Bingo??? Come on, maybe for our 60th. The Friday night thing we did without spouses at the 20th was really laid back and made the Saturday night event more fun after the opportunity to get reaquanted in a much more casual setting. Sunday picnic would be okay, but now that most of us are empty nesters, probably not as much fun as when we brought our kids. You guys on the committee all Rock for all your efforts, thanks for doing this for the rest of us.

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