It’s a Beautiful Day

Friday evenings during the summer the city of Louisville has a street fair with music. Last night the featured artist was It’s a Beautiful Day. It had been a while since I thought about them, but I have their debut album, issued in 1969. The violinist and lead singer are still the original LaFlammes and they’re doing great 40 years later. You should have seen the gray-hairs dancing in their tie dye.

Here’s a YouTube video of their most famous song, White Bird. The scenes from Fillmore West and San Francisco brought back great memories from living in the Bay Area too.

It’s a Beautiful Day (Wikipedia)

It's A Beautiful Day album

It's A Beautiful Day album

Here’s the recorded version of White Bird.

2 thoughts on “It’s a Beautiful Day

  1. Donna Posner Kennedy

    Wow 🙂 It does take you back. The song sounded very familiar but I wouldn’t have known the name of the group. The long hair and short dress looked 70ish. Would have been fun to see them now!

  2. georgebishop

    It seem so long ago but Ill come to this one time in my life.I live so far a way but for list i will come.I hope I will see my old friends this should be Interesting for me.I live in a place that people love to come and see so if you would to see maui I would to show you?

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