High School Reunion – the view at 10 years in 2010

Saw this post from the daughter of a high-school buddy of mine (different high school), and thought some of you might enjoy it. Of course, this is OUR 40th reonion, so we are all much more relaxed these days…. Correct?

Anyway, I digress. So apparently this weekend is my 10 year high school reunion, which, blissfully, I am not attending. In all honesty, I kinda did want to go, if for nothing else but to point and laugh at people with my friends, but it’s probably better this way. Like most people (except for those sick bastards who remember high school as their ‘glory days’), I did not enjoy high school. It was me against the world and I was losing. It could have been worse, but save for the good friends I made and a few hilarious stories, high school is better left forgotten.

However, I did have big dreams about how going back for the reunion would go. See, I figured I would enter the ballroom (of course, it has to be a ballroom), looking fabulous (not just regular fabulous, but movie star/possible deity fabulous), and everyone would look up at me, mouths agape, some dropping their wine glasses as my awesomeness pierced through their skulls, others weeping silently on the floor, too overwhelmed by my success and brilliance to continue on. And possibly some having seizures/religious-like fits in a corner somewhere – I’m not entirely sure. I think that sounds pretty likely, right?

The accompanying stick figures in the original post are entertaining.

High School Reunion, from Sullen Cindy

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