At various places in the site, you’ll see a small square image next to your name, like this:

Gravatar Example

Gravatar Example

The image shown is called “mystery man” and means that you don’t have your own “gravatar” or globally recognized avatar. If you’d like to show your picture, or some other image, it’s easy to do.

Simply go to and click on Get your Gravatar today. You’ll be prompted to enter an email address and, after a confirmation step, to upload an image you’d like to use. For your email address, be sure to use the same one you used to create your profile. This is what links you to the image you’ve chosen.

You can upload a favorite picture of yourself or you could be a superhero or cartoon character if you prefer. The image is shrunk down to 80×80 pixels so it can’t be too complex. If you’d like to get a predesigned one, a Google search for “avatar images free” finds many choices.

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